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I write what I feel, and I feel what I write.

Catch up with Sheree, Shaina, Morgan,and Maven in the "Rico's Girls' Philosophies series!

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When secrets and lies threaten the bond between these friends, will the loyalty and the love they have for each other be enough to see them through? 

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Find out what Maven has been up to in this newest installment of Rico's Girls' Philosophies.

What Readers are saying about "Love, Lies, and Loyalty"

This book was amazing!! I really could identify in a way with each character. It was funny parts ,were sad, parts made me angry and parts just made me smile. I recommend this book to any woman who has ever gone through anything in life. Although these are fictional characters, they are so relatable. I'm ready for the next installment and I cannot wait to discuss the questions at the end of the book!! Way to go Shelia!!

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Meet Shelia Sewell

Shelia Lorraine Nelson Sewell was born and raised in the city of Natchez, Mississippi. She became a lover of books and reading at an early age largely due to her mom, who could almost always be found reading something; Whether it was the Bible or the daily newspaper.


Upon entering school, Shelia’s love for reading and books was fostered by her teachers, many trips to the school library, and the neighborhood book mobile.


Although Shelia became a teenage mother to her daughter, De’Ana, at the tender age of fifteen, this didn't stop her from pursuing her goals of becoming a teacher. She graduated with honors from Natchez High School in 1994 and went on to pursue a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1998.

It was as a teacher that Shelia truly recognized her gift as a writer. She began to write plays, skits, songs, raps, and chants to use with her students. After participating in a writer’s workshop, Shelia learned that she had a natural ability to express her thoughts and feelings with her words.


Being an avid reader of novels, especially those written by African-Americans, Shelia began to dream of one day seeing her name on the cover of a book and having her characters come to life and tell their stories. This led to her beginning to write her first novel in the early 2000's. However life happened, and the unfinished book was literally put on the shelf.


It would take a move away from the place she'd called home for more than 30 years and leaving the comfort of family and friends behind, mixed with a back injury and some new experiences, in order for Shelia to finally complete her first novel.


Shelia currently resides in a suburb of Memphis, TN with her son. She is currently working as an educational consultant. Her second book, Dominated by Love, will be released soon.