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Love, Lies, & Loyalty

Love, Lies, & Loyalty


Shaina has always been the envy of many who feel that she’s very fortunate to be married to a wealthy businessman and being afforded with an excess of material things. This “expensive” lifestyle has come at the expense of Shaina’s sense of self and independence and left her longing to prove that she’s more than a wife and mother. This leads her to a secret decision that could result in gaining her independence but losing her marriage and friendships.

Morgan has been so focused on her career and her family that she now feels that she is watching her life pass her by. Ready and open to new beginnings, Morgan is willing to shed her old life in more ways than one and walk into newness. But then a chance encounter leaves her with a devastating secret that could destroy her life as she knows it forever.

Maven exudes a tough exterior but on the inside, she’s just a broken little girl who still desires the love of a mother who has never been there for her. A new employee and an old flame enter her life, and they both bring secrets that could not only shatter her heart, but also put her on a different, unexpected path.

When secrets and lies threaten the bond between these friends, will the loyalty and the love they have for each other be enough to see them through? Or will the reservation at Rico’s be put on hold forever?


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